Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before uploading or sending any images.
Sending or uploading an image and requesting a service from photofixing.macrodynamics.biz constitutes full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. The sender of any image to photofixing.macrodynamics.biz must own the copyright to that image, or have the required permission of the copyright owner. The sender of the image will be held liable for any costs associated with any court action resulting from copyright violation.

2. This bit is common sense: Do not send or upload pornographic, obscene, or abusive images. photofixing.macrodynamics.biz will report the sender of any such image that falls in the above category to the appropriate authority. The sender of any image appearing to show criminal activity will also be reported to the authorities.

3. Our privacy policy relating to the viewing of customer images is dependent on the customer keeping secure the password and/or weblink to the private and secure area provided in our e-mails. photofixing.macrodynamics.biz can not be held liable for any additional access to private galleries if the customer chooses to share the information required to access their private gallery with family or friends, or otherwise make available to any 3rd party, however photofixing.macrodynamics.biz reserve the right to use a worked on image or part of an image in a combination for promotional purposes.

4.  photofixing.macrodynamics.biz refund policy is limited to the digital content of the actual image purchased and the service provided by photofixing.macrodynamics.biz, and will not be extended to cover any quality issues resulting from any subsequent printing of the image with either the customer’s or any 3rd party’s printing hardware or software.

5.  photofixing.macrodynamics.biz will not be held liable for any accidental or intentional damage to property or person, physical injury, deterioration in health, or financial loss, triggered by the viewing of any image on its website.

6. photofixing.macrodynamics.biz will not be held responsible for original photographs lost or damaged by the postal service of any country, either on route to our premises or back to the customer’s home address.

7. photofixing.macrodynamics.biz reserves the right to refuse any request for services.

8. The extent to which restoration and improvements can be achieved is dependent on the quality of the original Image. This service is offered on a best-can-do basis.
Please contact us if you are unsure or have a question about any of the above.